If you’re in the Arlington VA area this summer on a Friday, please swing by the central branch for the “Shake your tales” series and enjoy one of our Move ‘N Groove videos with a crowd!

Move ‘N Groove Kids is always proud to support the performing arts, but now you and your children can too! The musical Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater!, one of the featured shows running in the New York Children’s Theater Festival, is looking to include kids’ artwork as part of their set design.

Heart of Brooklyn is a wonderful cultural partnership founded in 2001 by the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Public Library, Prospect Park Alliance, Prospect Park Zoo and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Dedicated to promoting Brooklyn as the astounding place it is, the partnership works in concert to make its world-class collections more accessible to the public. It’s a wonderful resource for parents and their children living in Brooklyn and the neighboring boroughs, so we thought we’d explore each of the institutions involved!

There’s no doubt that the creative movement routines in the Move ‘N Groove Kids programs are a fun and imaginative way to instill a positive attitude in your little ones towards exercise. Fostering healthy habits is only the beginning though – the dances also inspire children to develop in myriad other ways, encouraging creative expression, cognitive development, self-confidence, and a broadened aesthetic sensibility. Creative movement is a valuable tool for all ages, as educator Susan Griss demonstrates. 

Move ‘N Groove Kids hopes to help children develop a better understanding of themselves and each other.   As parents and teachers, its important that we all do our part to help them learn and develop the skills they’ll need to work and play together for many years to come.  On a related note, we just came upon a documentary made in Japan about a class of 10 year olds and their teacher that we just had to share.  The kids are bit older than our Move ‘N Groove Kids, but there’s some great lessons to learn and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did:

We’re proud to announce that The Community Partnership of Rolla, Missouri chose our DVD series for a workshop to help young moms Move ‘N Groove with their young ones! We liked the program so much that we donated quite a few extras for them to add to their in house library resources.